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Cliente: Adecco

Adecco Argentina detected 5 groups with a similar problem: the difficulty of inserting into the labour market. These are young people between the ages of 18 and 24, people with disabilities, people over 45, women in non-traditional jobs and athletes.  Adecco Argentina designed the campaign #TalentoSinEtiquetas to enhance the talent of different groups violated by the labor market. Results: More than 500 publications were obtained in graphic, radio, television and digital media across the country. Among the publications stand out media from different areas such as PUBLIC TV, C5N, LN+, Télam, Canal Metro, Canal 9 Mendoza, Canal Acequia Mendoza. The advertising value obtained throughout the campaign was US$592,105 (us$ 38 pesos).  The campaign earned a readership of 49,342,754 and went in 5 months. Several of the worked studios were transformed into editorials of the newspaper La Nación


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