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Ketchum is one of the largest and most geographically diversified public relations agencies in the world. It belongs to the Omnicom group, which leads strategic communications in more than 100 countries and serves more than 5,000 clients around the world. Our headquarters are in New York with more than 2,400 employees in 70 countries, working in 106 offices and affiliates. In Latin America we have a local presence in 15 countries.

Ketchum Argentina  is a consulting firm that offers comprehensive services to national and international companies, with more than 20 years of experience in the market. We have a dedicated team of  40 professionals  of the industry from different areas of expertise: communication  corporate, media relations, internal communications, Issues and crisis communications, digital and social media, CSR,  among others.

Ketchum Latin America provides comprehensive services to national and international companies. We have a dedicated team of 450 industry professionals spanning different areas of expertise: corporate reputation, media relations, internal communications, sustainability and CSR, public affairs, crisis management, monitoring (clipping) and intelligence, and digital and social media, among others. We also have creativity and audiovisual support teams.


At Ketchum we develop our communication campaigns focused on caring for corporate reputation, enhancing the company's image and supporting the business objectives of our clients. We provide the following services to clients in various industries:

Marketing actions

Design and Production

Digital and Social Media

Brand PR

Corporate Communications

Media relations

Content creation and development. Storytelling

Internal communication


Events (edit)

Digital and Social Media

Public affairs

Press and PR

Issues and crisis  management

Image and Corporate Communication

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Content development

Research services and analytics / measurement.

Digital Communication

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