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# 25 YEARS

Cliente: Kimberly-Clark

In 2017, Kimberly-Clark celebrated 25 years of sustainable growth in Argentina with more than 200 products from iconic brands such as Huggies, Kotex, Scott, Kleenex, Plenitud and Kimberly-Clark Professional. 25 years present in the lives of Argentines, accompanying and taking care of them in their day to day. In this context, the Company carried out an investigation –together with the Trendsity consultancy– on what it means to live in the present and what it means for Argentines. It was developed in the province of Buenos Aires to a representative sample of 491 people between 18 and 55 years old, through an online survey. In addition, opinions were obtained from recognized experts in different disciplines such as Maritchu Seitun, Claudio Plá, Paula Molinari, Sergio Balardini, Diego Golombek and Bernardo Toro, among others. To promote this study, a small table was held –in Casa Vida, Palermo– with specialists Plá, Seitun, Molinari and the spokespersons of the consulting firm to present the results obtained and discuss the issue that affects Argentines today . And the conduction of Patricia Lafratti. It also featured the presentation of 25 years of K-C in Argentina and the company's objectives in the country, led by Raquel Martín Jiménez, Gta. Austral Region Corporate Affairs. It was addressed to journalists on sustainability, society, general information, mothers and fathers and lifestyle, among others. With the aim of inviting us to reflect on what “living present” is today. At the event, a press kit with products, a press release, a portrait of the “Viví Presente” institutional campaign and the study with Bernasconi's illustrations were given away. With this action the following results were achieved: + 30 journalists attending the event. + 51 publications in graphic media, online and radio. AdValue: $ 3,122,243 Argentine pesos. 6,750,027 contacts reached. On the other hand, and based on the need for relationships with NGOs, an event was held at the K-C offices where the study “Viví Presente” was discussed, as well as the 25th anniversary of the Company and its sustainable vision. Its modality was a breakfast and it summoned 30 NGOs. Likewise, an activation was carried out with percussion instruments to transmit the values ​​of living present: listening, caring for and connecting with oneself and with others. All participants were given a press kit with products, research and the 2016 Sustainability Report.


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